COVID 19 Updates

The safety of our customers and our team are of utmost importance. Please do the following for the safety of everyone.

1. Wear a mask when shopping. It isn’t always possible to maintain 6 ft distance when shopping.

2. Please when possible shop alone. We will ask groups to leave when store count reaches capacity.

3. Reusable bags can be used. You will need to bag your own groceries.

4. Use cashless payment options. We take apple pay, google play and most major credit cards.

5. Stay home when you are feeling ill.

6. Please handle only items you intend to purchase.


Stock Of Items

We are keeping our shelves as full as possible, but as you may have noticed we — just like many retailers — are currently having supply chain issues in certain areas. We reserve the right to limit quantities purchased as needed.

Alternatives to In-Store Shopping

Curbside order is available via our online shopping options on our website or app available on the app store or google play. Senior Services is delivering for seniors on Tuesday and Thursday. Orders are due the day before by 2pm either by calling and placing an order over the phone or emailing your list to Eventually all orders will go through the app and we will be able to accept EBT!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Whether you’re shopping with us or elsewhere, please be kind to your retail and food industry employees and also fellow shoppers. These staff members are doing the best that they can during these times. Take care of yourself, take care of your neighbors if you’re able, wash your hands, and stay home if you’re sick!